Handgun Class Quick Facts#1 Quick Fact About Our Firearms Training Classes!

Don't have a handgun for our shooting classes? No Problem!
We have them available for all of our shooting lessons!

Shooting Iinformation#2 Quick Fact about our Shooting Lessons for the Basic Pistol Class

You will not take our shooting class with strangers!
Our Shooting Lessons are Private or with your small group.

Pistol Classes#3 Quick Fact About our Gun Training

All Students Leave our Classes Confident
in their shooting ability!


Great Handgun Knowledge Online at Guns and Ammo Online. Concealed Carry guns and great info on what is best for you. However make sure you get with one of our Professional Handgun Instructors for an evaluation before making a purchase.


Don't be a victim! Learn to win the gunfight with one of our professional shooting instructors! Read a great article about protecting yourself.

Tips to protect you and your family>

Gun Training San Antonio welcomes you to the Top Firearms Training and Shooting class instruction in the state of Texas and the San Antonio Area! 210-842-1639

Our gun classes, pistol classes, firearms training and shooting lessons are taught by professional Master Classified sponsored action shooters.

As a handgun class student, you will learn the latest techniques in handgun safety, home security, laws regarding handguns, what firearms are right for you, cleaning and storage and self defense shooting.


You will leave our firearms classes with the secure feeling that you are a competent handgun shooter and that you have the knowledge to protect your family and yourself if the need arises. Win the gunfight!

Why be trained by our handgun class instructor's instead of others in town? Here are a few reasons.

  • Top Pro Action Shooter Instructors
  • Friendly instructors that are experts with first time shooters all the way up to Federal Agents.
  • We can save you money with knowledge of guns and equipment. Don't purchase a firearm based on a clerks reccomendation at a gun store. Let our firearms instructor advise you on the best firearm for you using many years of experence.
  • Our firearms instructors have trained, Federal agents, Police officers, Security agencies and Federal contractors.
  • Gun Training San Antonio has many years training students world wide in all aspects of handguns, shotgun and rifle.
  • Our firearms instructors teach the latest professional techniques to correct your shooting that have been learned over many years of experience of top level shooting.
  • Gun Training San Antonio's instructors have "real" world experience and have seen action oversees. Check out our video page to see some of our instructors shooting compeition and look at a couple training videos. We do what we teach at Master Class levels throughout the country.
  • Our firearms instructors are ready to discuss your training classes and stand ready to answer any question that you might have. Get the answers from Pro Shooters so that you know it's the correct information. WIN THE GUNFIGHT!
  • Call us at 210-842-1639

  • Basic Pistol Classes - Shotgun or Rifle
    Designed for the first time shooter in mind. Focus is on safety, home defense, handgun laws, preventive security, firearms care and storage, self defense tactics, accuracy and self defense shooting techniques and what firearms are best for you. These Classes are private on on one training for you and your small group.
  • Personal Protection Classes.
    This firearms class is designed for CHL Holders or experienced shooters to learn the defensive shooting techniques required to protect themselves and their families with their handgun, shotgun or rifle.
  • Advanced Pistol Classes.
    The Advanced handgun class is designed for the more experienced shooter. Holster draw, magazine reloads, shooting while moving and more! To take this class you must be a competition shooter, Military, Contractor or Law Enforcement. A firearms student that demonstrates the ability to take this class or has taken the Basic Pistol and Personal Protection class can also qualify.
  • Custom Firearms Classes.
    We can customize these type classes for Federal and local police agencies, security agencies and civilian shooters wanting a custom firearms classes designed for them. Call one of our instructors for more information.

Crime Statistics for the State of Texas!!

Still thinking of why do I need to learn to protect yourself and your family with a handgun? Download the Texas Crime Stats for 2013. Crime is on the rise and violent crime has increased greatly!Click Here

Check the crime rates in the San Antonio. This is why we have Gun Training so that we can protect ourselves against violent crime.
Click Here to see a crime map of your area.